Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Floral Designer

Abiti "Gattinoni Couture"

When I first received the telephone call that the high fashion house of “Gattinoni” wanted me to design bridal bouquets for their fashion show and their customers I was elated. After a few hours the reality that I would be working for Guillermo Mariotto set in and I was terrified. Terrified that I would not be able to create for such a demanding artist. Fortunately, those feelings lasted long enough to motivate me to grow professionally and create some of my best work. Guillermo was so encouraging. He reminded me to design from heart and use my skill as a floral designer to execute my designs. These are the words that repeat like a mantra in my head whenever I am designing whether it be for an email customer or a client in my shop. What a wonderful opportunity it has been to work with Guillermo Mariotto at “Gattinoni”.

Working in this profession continues to give me many rewards. I'm so blessed.