Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hearts and Flowers


My last visit of the day at the October 2008 Bridal Fair was a mature and very friendly couple. After only a few minutes of conversation and I knew this was going to be a meeting that I would remember for a long time. Maria Grazia and I hit it off straight away. She loved my work and I loved her enthusiasm for planning her upcoming wedding.

Maria Grazia and her fiancé came to my shop where we talked for literally hours about her dreams for her wedding day. Even Walter had many questions and special requests for the designs and types of flowers. Their enthusiasm was contagious and I began to make simple drawings of the designs to make sure that we were all imagining the same concepts. Once we agreed it was time to take pencil and paper (still use those) and my calculator (yes, I still use that too). I put together my proposal and then printed the contract.

The months prior to the wedding passed very quickly. Maria Grazia and I met at intervals to discuss adding items to the church decorations. We even met at the reception location in order to verify that all our ideas were correct logistically as well as artistically.

Well, I underestimated my own creativity. The overall effect was stunning. I decided to call in a favor from my good friend Fabrizio who is a freelance photographer, to take photos of our work. These are the results of our hard work and Fabrizio’s photographic talent.

I hope you have enjoyed these as much as I have. Each time I look at the photos a smile comes to my face. First for realizing my designs so accurately and second for the wonderful friendship that developed between me and Maria Grazia during the process.