Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Bridal Bouquet As a Floral Designer/Artist/Florist, the most exciting moments are when I have the opportunity to create something very special, something memorable. When Caroline came into my studio with a bag in hand, I instinctively knew that something special was about to be requested of me.

In the bag, Caroline had the remains of her bridal bouquet from 25 years ago. Examining the “bouquet” I was amazed at the changes that have occurred over the past 25 years but also the similarities. The bouquet remnants were mostly “Bling” of tiny pearls which is very current in Bridal bouquet design. There was also leaves in satin with sequin trim, totally out of date. Caroline’s special request was that I use these remnants of her Bridal bouquet from 25 years ago to create a beautiful bouquet for her 25th wedding anniversary celebration. I was more than excited to design this very special bouquet.

Separating all of the components was my first task. What amazed me most was the technique that was used 25 years ago to assemble a bridal bouquet. Techniques that are now considered counterproductive when trying to keep a bridal bouquet fresh looking for an entire day without water. Afterwards I whitened all of the pieces, rewired every piece with clean floral tape and began wiring flowers in order to reassemble everything into a new bouquet.

The results were very beautiful . It excited me that a bouquet style from 25 years ago would look so beautiful today….true beauty is timeless. It also inspired me to use different materials in the future for a special touch in my designs of bridal bouquets.

If you have some heirloom or special goodluck piece, remember to present it to the florist to see if if can be integrated into your bridal bouquet. Your wedding day should be personal and very special from every aspect. Like Caroline, when you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary you should have something unique from your bouquet to remember that special day.

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