Tuesday, November 30, 2010

90th Birthday Celebration

The Centerpiece When I am asked to decorate a party I always get so excited and when the request is to create decorations for the 90th birthday celebration someone’s Grandma…..well that’s really special. It was a real pleasure for me when my customer with a lilac paper plate in her hand came in to ask me to create centerpieces for grandmas birthday party. The budget wasn’t a big one but I always find a way to create something beautiful with almost any budget.

As usual customers don’t fully understand floral materials. Often they don’t really know what they want in a design. It’s my job to draw them out. To carefully listen to their comments and interpret them into a floral arrangement or decoration using other types of materials. So it was with the lilac paper plate and a few questions that I designed these decorations.

The best part of all was the phone call that I received from the customer saying that we received numerous compliments for our work. Compliments that we deliver more than a customer ever expects and we do it on time. I suppose all this is the result of having a job that I really do love and get excited about each time a customer comes in to decorate a party or wedding.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed doing the work.
Happy 90th birthday to “Grandma”.