Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Bridal Exit

Many brides do not give much consideration to decorations for her departure from home to the church on the day of her wedding. My guess is that this is mostly due to the economy. If savings have to be made, this is one of the first places where decorations will be sacrificed. But when a woman decides to create a dramatic exit I am there to help her with designs.

Probably one of my personal favorites was the Palm tree decoration that I created recently for a woman of Ethiopian heritage who wanted to create the feel of the exit used in the Ethiopian culture.

Even the groom can get involved. An Albanese groom came to me with a box of feathers and asked that they be incorporated into the exit decorations for the bride. My desire as a designer for weddings is to realize the bride and grooms dreams in the prettiest way possible. So here is the brides exit decorations.

The Italian bride usually goes for something more traditional for her culture. This classic design can be used anywhere and in any culture and still be considered chic.

When a bride lives in a private home, I try to incorporate what is already there to create the exit decorations. In this way the bride has decorations while maintaining the feel of her family home.

Just ten more days and the local wedding season begins. Even though many people are cutting back on their spending I have noticed that many brides are spending money on exit decorations. Maybe leaving home has become more symbolic in some way. I will continue to design bridal exits that reflect the culture and personal style of my clients.

Happy Easter and Passover!!