Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boutonniere /Buttonhole

Everyone forgets the groom. Fortunately at DebraFlower the groom gets a lot of attention. I believe that the groom should be involved in the designing process of the wedding decorations. It’s his wedding too. Some of my best ideas have come when a groom has expressed his likes and dislikes while designing the wedding decorations.
The Boutonniere or Buttonhole as some call it is the floral decoration for the groom. I make a point of creating with great care this small group of flowers that will be placed in the grooms lapel hole or even in his pocket. The design is always something that looks as if it had been picked from the bridal bouquet. Many years ago the groom would in fact pick a flower from the brides bouquet and place it in his lapel, now I design it that way so we don’t have to ruin the bridal bouquet that took so long to prepare. It’s actually an art to design such tiny and beautiful bouquets for the groom.