Friday, January 23, 2009

Flower Purchasing

Rome Flower Market
Where do florists get their flowers? This is one of the questions that people ask me the most about my work. I enjoy answering this type of question because it quickly reminds me of one of the most exciting activities that require me to get out of bed at 4am two mornings each week. Then again it also reminds me why my work is NOT as glamorous as people think.
There are basically three ways I buy flowers for my business here in Rome, the Floral Market, Importers and direct purchasing from producers. I personally believe the most important is the Floral Market. Here in Rome it is a large building where producers from all parts of the Lazio region come to sell their products. Unfortunately for florists here in Rome this operation is not at all modern or efficient but I still love going there. It’s loud and colorful and how business was done in Italy for hundreds of years. Producers bring all kinds of things including flowers that they grow in their hot houses or fields. At the market you can find every type of tree limb, bark or foliage. You can buy all types of flowers grown locally. You can also buy odd things like grasses or small fruits. All of these items look lovely when inserted into a floral arrangement. I personally arrive at the Floral market at least two times each week at 5am. This allows me to have the widest selection to choose from amongst the many producers. The best part of going to the market is establishing personal relationships with people who have been working with flowers for generations. They are willing to share their knowledge of flowers and the floral industry in general. What a wonderful group of people.

I feel blessed to have entered this business.

May you also realize your dream, Debra