Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Professional Florist

Decorated Rice Holder

In these times of economic challenges it is even more important than ever to carefully select the suppliers you need for your special events. How much something costs should be reviewed based on what you will receive from the floristin terms of product but also customer service. As a professional florist I’m often asked about my pricing. I carefully explain to the client the importance of evaluating more than the price. Dedicated service is also a part of the price that cannot always be measured.

Recently I was booked for a wedding in the center of Rome. During our designing session we decided that the trees outside the church looked fine as they were. On the actual day of the wedding I noticed that the tree vases were damaged. In a case like this there is no time to consult the client. It is the responsibility of the professional florist to make an intelligent decision without worrying about payment. We were prepared with the materials necessary to decorate the unsightly vase.

Choose a prfessional you can trust. Your special day can't be repeated.

all the best,