Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Calla lily

Every time I meet with a lady who is planning her wedding and we go through photos of my designs of bridal bouquets questions are proposed when they see the group of Calla lily bouquets. Almost all of them never knew that Calla Lily are available in various sizes and colors.

Yellow Calla
Mango CallaLarge White Calla

Fuscia Calla Black Calla

Small White Call

Bridal Party Mix
Mixed color Calla

Calla Lily bouquets are long lasting and very light weight. They can range from the size of your thumb to larger than your fist. The smaller Calla fit nicely into a mixed bouquet while the larger Calla are wonderful in an over the arm design.

Why not consider a Calla bridal bouquet.

It’s designing season and I am getting a ton of new ideas.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Artists Collaborate

Costa Rei, Sardinia
For the past 15 years each August I spend all or part of my summer vacation in Sardinia, an Island that is part of Italy. Sardinia is best known for its beautiful beaches and sea. The colors of the Sardinian sea range from light blue to turquoise to dark blue. I spend literally hours on the beach relaxing and allowing my creative juices to regenerate.

This summer my good friend Sergio insisted that we do something cultural. So one morning he woke me up early, we got dressed and had breakfast at a wonderful place right on the beach.

Nuraghe Afterwards he said he had a surprise for me. Twenty minutes later I let out a shout as Sergio drove up to a Nuraghe, an ancient Sardinian dwelling. The Nuraghi were constructed between the 18th and 15th centuries BC. I had often heard about them but had never seen one let alone find myself at the foot of the immense structure.

In my girly sandals (not appropriate for the task) I climbed up to the structure and was filled with awe.

Almost immediately after we went to an outdoor market where I often go to chat with a Sardinian artisan who hand weaves baskets. Antonello is one of the most friendly and talented artists that I have ever met. We spent time discussing ideas for new designs and a few days later he has use those ideas to create a new basket design.

Nuraghe Basket

So you can just imagine what happened when I enthusiastically described the Nuraghe which he knows so much better than I do. When we met the following weekend Antonello had created a basket version of the Nuraghe.

Exchanging ideas with other artists is just another way my life is enriched by the work that I do.



Saturday, September 24, 2011

American Floral Designer

As their international business expands it might be helpful for you to know more about Debra Biagini, head designer and owner of DebraFlower and her team.

Wrist corsage Debra is an American, english speaking, internationally trained floral designer. Professional, Creative and available are the best adjectives to describe Debra. After years of working in corporate settings in New York, Bermuda, Chicago and Milan she transferred to Rome to follow her passion for art in the world of flowers. Debra unites her skills as artist and seamstress to create one of a kind designs using flowers and other materials. Her attention to detail can be seen in her creation of Bridal bouquets for some of the most important fashion designers in Rome.

Ring holder

DebraFlower as a team uses their creativity to assist you in realizing your dream event. Their objective is to constantly expand their creative thinking to include not only flowers but all types of materials. Basically any material that is needed to create emotionally provocative designs for your special event- They give special attention to the quality of the materials they use and to the quality of service they give to you.


Debra and her staff will listen carefully to your requests in order to assure that what you have envisioned is realized through their creative skills.


Make sure to share your ideas and needs with Debra in order to assure a memorable event.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Bridal Bouquet As a Floral Designer/Artist/Florist, the most exciting moments are when I have the opportunity to create something very special, something memorable. When Caroline came into my studio with a bag in hand, I instinctively knew that something special was about to be requested of me.

In the bag, Caroline had the remains of her bridal bouquet from 25 years ago. Examining the “bouquet” I was amazed at the changes that have occurred over the past 25 years but also the similarities. The bouquet remnants were mostly “Bling” of tiny pearls which is very current in Bridal bouquet design. There was also leaves in satin with sequin trim, totally out of date. Caroline’s special request was that I use these remnants of her Bridal bouquet from 25 years ago to create a beautiful bouquet for her 25th wedding anniversary celebration. I was more than excited to design this very special bouquet.

Separating all of the components was my first task. What amazed me most was the technique that was used 25 years ago to assemble a bridal bouquet. Techniques that are now considered counterproductive when trying to keep a bridal bouquet fresh looking for an entire day without water. Afterwards I whitened all of the pieces, rewired every piece with clean floral tape and began wiring flowers in order to reassemble everything into a new bouquet.

The results were very beautiful . It excited me that a bouquet style from 25 years ago would look so beautiful today….true beauty is timeless. It also inspired me to use different materials in the future for a special touch in my designs of bridal bouquets.

If you have some heirloom or special goodluck piece, remember to present it to the florist to see if if can be integrated into your bridal bouquet. Your wedding day should be personal and very special from every aspect. Like Caroline, when you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary you should have something unique from your bouquet to remember that special day.

Contact me if you need more inspiration.

All the best,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Table


Home, ceremony and reception….. I've been very busy over the past few months. I am lucky that so many married couples have booked me to design their wedding decorations.This year I have had many more requests for reception decorations than from previous years. I use the word "decoration" because many of my ideas include floral material as well as branches, stones, candles, textiles, statues, fruit, etc..

When the bride asked me for a theme that included the sea, we decided together to eliminate (or nearly) flowers. The couple's favorite colors were hot pink and orange. The theme of "Sea" was made ​​with pink stones, water and goldfish (orange).

The theme of classic Mediterranean Sea was created with turquoise organza, including a touch of fun with diamonds, pearl and shells ... .. "Diamonds and Pearls, on the beach".

The Italian couple who have a strong relationship with China asked for a theme that included items from a true wedding reception in China. We chose to use red Chinese lanterns, Italian red roses, candles and Chinese red menu cards to create an elegant atmosphere.

The marriage with the theme "Fairy" was a real challenge. I decided to design something different, using flowers but in a somewhat 'magical way. Here is a green sphere with diamonds and calle surrounded with candles.

Creating an interesting theme is fun for guests who are seated at the table for at least two hours. A beautiful centerpiece is useful to create atmosphere and the inspiration to begin conversation between everyone at the table. Do not underestimate the importance of a beautiful table centerpiece.

Congratulations to newlyweds.

Call me if you need a help in creating your wedding theme.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Garden Wedding - Borgo di Tragliata

Pink florals As I mentioned in my last report about the Borgo, it is exceptionally beautiful. Last weekend I was there to design a wedding in the garden. I love the churches of Rome but as a designer the churches dictate how I begin the design process. Designing a wedding in the outdoors allows me to work with nature and what better place than the natural beauty surrounding the Borgo to create an outdoor wedding. This couple had many requests. The bride had a vision of what she wanted her garden wedding to look like and I had to turn her dreams into reality. Not always are dreams easy to realize. Actually what the bride wanted would have been very costly. In addition her ideas conflicted with the surroundings of the Borgo and specifically in the garden where her ceremony was to take place. The Bride wanted a constructed floral arch. She also wanted it to somehow be used to decorate the tables at the reception. Now that is a very tall order.

First I suggested that we do something more natural, using the elements of the garden to create the arch and not construct an arch. This also allowed one to see all of the surrounding greenery without obstructions. For this couple I added to large urns on columns filled with flowers. Normally I love to use lots of interesting greenery but on this occasion I did not use greenery at all. There was more than enough greenery already in the garden so I only added flowers. The final affect was elegant and beautiful. I encourage couples to reuse their ceremony flowers in some way to decorate the reception and this time it was a specific request from the couple. We used the flowers from the urns to fill vases to create the centerpieces for the reception. This allowed us to give a sense of Theme while saving money and above all respect for nature. For me and my staff this was a wonderful occasion. The designs were lovely, the bride radiant and the day was beautiful. Special thanks to the staff at the Borgo for their kindness and laughter.

So pleased,


Friday, March 4, 2011

Borgo di Tragliata

Borgo Di Tragliata During 2009 a customer called me to ask if I would design her wedding at the Borgo di Tragliata. The Borgo was not new to me but I hadn’t designed decorations for it. A few years before I was there as a tourist. Yes, the Borgo is that beautiful that you would want to see it even if you are not planning a wedding or party there. In addition it is close to the Fiumicino Airport yet a very short ride into the center of Rome.

Since my first visit I have designed many weddings at the Borgo for Irish as well as Italian brides. The beauty of the location is that the church and the reception are within walking distance from one another. The bride and groom can wake up at the Borgo, get dressed and walk to the church for their wedding…..all so very romantic.

It’s my personal opinion that flowers should not be wasted. Usually I suggest that the flowers from the church be reworked so that they can be used for the reception. Sometimes I add more flowers for the reception to create the effect that they are completely different yet maintaining a theme between the wedding and the reception decorations. It is my goal to create something original and special for each bride. I do not create the same thing for each wedding. Church decorations start at 50euro.

I will be designing a number of weddings at the Borgo this wedding season and I hope you come back to see the work that I have completed. You will notice that I never do the same decorations twice. I sincerely believe that each couple should have something designed especially for them that reflects their tastes and budget. For this reason I do not have a "package". When I design especially for your wedding , you will pay for the items you choose. Be very careful that a package deal with a very low price are not flowers that are not good quality and arrangements constructed properly. Your wedding photos are what will remain for the rest of your lives together. If the photos have been ruined by ugly wilted flowers there will be nothing you can do to change it.

Florally yours,