Friday, March 4, 2011

Borgo di Tragliata

Borgo Di Tragliata During 2009 a customer called me to ask if I would design her wedding at the Borgo di Tragliata. The Borgo was not new to me but I hadn’t designed decorations for it. A few years before I was there as a tourist. Yes, the Borgo is that beautiful that you would want to see it even if you are not planning a wedding or party there. In addition it is close to the Fiumicino Airport yet a very short ride into the center of Rome.

Since my first visit I have designed many weddings at the Borgo for Irish as well as Italian brides. The beauty of the location is that the church and the reception are within walking distance from one another. The bride and groom can wake up at the Borgo, get dressed and walk to the church for their wedding…..all so very romantic.

It’s my personal opinion that flowers should not be wasted. Usually I suggest that the flowers from the church be reworked so that they can be used for the reception. Sometimes I add more flowers for the reception to create the effect that they are completely different yet maintaining a theme between the wedding and the reception decorations. It is my goal to create something original and special for each bride. I do not create the same thing for each wedding. Church decorations start at 50euro.

I will be designing a number of weddings at the Borgo this wedding season and I hope you come back to see the work that I have completed. You will notice that I never do the same decorations twice. I sincerely believe that each couple should have something designed especially for them that reflects their tastes and budget. For this reason I do not have a "package". When I design especially for your wedding , you will pay for the items you choose. Be very careful that a package deal with a very low price are not flowers that are not good quality and arrangements constructed properly. Your wedding photos are what will remain for the rest of your lives together. If the photos have been ruined by ugly wilted flowers there will be nothing you can do to change it.

Florally yours,