Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Table


Home, ceremony and reception….. I've been very busy over the past few months. I am lucky that so many married couples have booked me to design their wedding decorations.This year I have had many more requests for reception decorations than from previous years. I use the word "decoration" because many of my ideas include floral material as well as branches, stones, candles, textiles, statues, fruit, etc..

When the bride asked me for a theme that included the sea, we decided together to eliminate (or nearly) flowers. The couple's favorite colors were hot pink and orange. The theme of "Sea" was made ​​with pink stones, water and goldfish (orange).

The theme of classic Mediterranean Sea was created with turquoise organza, including a touch of fun with diamonds, pearl and shells ... .. "Diamonds and Pearls, on the beach".

The Italian couple who have a strong relationship with China asked for a theme that included items from a true wedding reception in China. We chose to use red Chinese lanterns, Italian red roses, candles and Chinese red menu cards to create an elegant atmosphere.

The marriage with the theme "Fairy" was a real challenge. I decided to design something different, using flowers but in a somewhat 'magical way. Here is a green sphere with diamonds and calle surrounded with candles.

Creating an interesting theme is fun for guests who are seated at the table for at least two hours. A beautiful centerpiece is useful to create atmosphere and the inspiration to begin conversation between everyone at the table. Do not underestimate the importance of a beautiful table centerpiece.

Congratulations to newlyweds.

Call me if you need a help in creating your wedding theme.