Thursday, May 27, 2010

Floral Materials

Gerber (inverted)
Taking classes, visiting floral demonstrations or just playing in my store with various materials are various ways that I get inspiration and keep my creativity alive. When a customer comes in to plan an event I want them to see creativity in motion in my work environment.

The rich color and long lasting character make this a very interesting greenery to work with. It can be cut or twisted of rolled and will still last for weeks….yes, weeks.

Lemons (fruit)

Fruit doesn’t have to be in the middle of an arrangement in order to be part of it. I try to create new ways to use common items.

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland (Molucella) This “flower” is normally used in its long upright position. Knowing it lasts longer when cut short I decided to see how long it would last when cut really short.

Recently various customers after looking around were shocked to learn that a type of flower existed or that I use a common flower in a very uncommon way. These customers are the catalyst for sharing some of my recent designs with you.

Just sharing,