Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Circolo Della Caccia

Ambassador Cousin and Debra Biagini

Ambassador Cousin and Debra The Bouquet

Recently the American International Club of Rome (AICR) was invited by our club Vice President to the Circolo della Caccia.

The Circolo della Caccia, also considered an exclusive private museum, was founded 140 years ago in 1869, and is a true privilege for those who are able to gain access to its noble doors.
Stepping back in time, guests marveled at the 17th century frescos adorning the walls; at the traditionally-clad wait staff in livery catering to their every culinary need; at the secret staircase hidden within the internal wall structure of the palazzo; and so much more. Guests were welcomed with a cocktail and treated to a refined dining experience amongst an international group of friends and two american ambassadors.

The club asked me to design a bouquet for Ambassador Cousin. Since I did not know her I decided to just create something that I truely loved and hope that she would love it too. The above bouquet was created with roses and ipericum. It was turely exciting to find out that the ambassador not only loved my bouquet but really does love flowers....just as I do.

It really was an honor to create something beautiful for this intelligent and beautiful ambassador.