Sunday, December 6, 2009

Floral Art/Design

The Bridal GownWhen most people think of their local florist a simple bouquet of flowers are first to come to mind. Then if there is a holiday party on the schedule maybe a nice centerpiece is the item that encourages you to call or better yet visit your florist. What many people do not know is that today the world of floristry has grown and developed into a very professional industry. Most people choosing to become florist today will first attend a trade school. Florists who have been in the industry for years or generations return to the classroom for extensive training or better yet a college degree program in floral art and design. Today it is not enough to just prepare simple bouquets and nice centerpieces.

Handcrafted netting

Recently Condè Nast asked me and 3 other professional florists to create floral sculptures for their stand at a bridal fair. Yes, floral sculpture is part of our talents and becoming more often requested from our clients. Floral art and design is fast becoming a must in our industry.
I decided to create a bridal gown constructed of hand crafted wire netting. The support structure alone took 42 hours to construct. Then the entire structure was covered with sisal making sure to maintain transparency. The finishing touch included pearls, diamonte, crystals and finally flowers and greenery. This is truly floral art and design. Many thanks to master Gundensen from Norway for sharing this technique with me.

The bridal gown


Buffet table

My Stand

This technique can be used in various ways to create decorations for events and gift items. I have used it from creating lamps to decorating the brides home. Even my own stand at the bridal fair was decorated with hearts in his same technique.
Next time you have a decorating need be sure to check first with your florist….you might be in for a nice surprise.