Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Bridal Fair - IoSposa

My stand at "IoSposa"

The ceiling design was all hand strung beads.

Organizing for a fair is so much work. Not only does it require that I find some creative idea that will capture the attention of thousands of tired fair goers but also to create something that will show my skills as a designer and florist. Then comes the managerial and marketing work. Even though I have people who handle these responsibilities, I believe it’s important that I am involved in the process.

This year I concentrated on WHITE and LIGHTS. All of the arrangements on the stand were white and had LED lights in and around everything. The overall effect was interesting.

The big news this year was that the national television channel asked me to do a brief interview on the trends in bridal bouquets. How odd that something I created just for my own pleasure was spotted by the reporter for the interview. This is exactly why I love my work.

That's it!!! Now it's time to wait for the results of so much hard work.....which will mean more hard work during the wedding season.

Maybe I'll rest for a moment.