Friday, November 9, 2012

Villa Palazzola

This may be your first time to hear about Villa Palazzola but it won’t be your last.  When I received an email August 2011 about an interview as florist for the Villa I wasn’t very excited because I had never heard of it.  Like most of us I immediately “Googled” it and was surprised by the beautiful and informative website but all that did not prepare me for the beauty of the place and the kindness of the staff.

After that initial visit I was literally hoping that they would choose me and shortly afterwards I received the email that I was hoping for to confirm the request for my design talents at Villa Palazzola. Over the past year I have worked a number of times at the Villa for weddings and other events. The staff really does make you feel welcomed.  They seem to find a way to satisfy the most incredible  requests from their guests.

The church is just the right size.  It looks decorated with just one arrangement or breathtaking with a full array of decorations. The Priest is friendly and listens to the couple as they talk about their dreams for creating a new family.

The reception area is normally outside because the view is so beautiful that I can’t accurately describe it. Just in case it really does rain there is a classic dining room which I personally love since it has Imperial tables. The food is wholesome and delicious and the staff takes good care of you, what more could you ask for on your wedding day?  Ah yes, decorations by me designed specifically for you.

Call them and talk to Joyce Hunter about making your wedding day a very special event at Villa Palazzola.

Looking forward to meet you,