Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Saint Isidoro, Borgo di Tragliata

These are difficult times to plan an event and even more challenging when it’s your very own wedding. There are so many surprise expenses.  Often when you think of planning your wedding you will immediately think of the reception meal and your dress.  After those two main expenses everything else goes into a big group of stuff that needs to be paid for in some way.

What I really wish couples would talk about and then make a list of what they want to remember most about their wedding day.  When you think about your wedding pictures, what do you hope will stand out the most.  Remember it’s those pictures that will remain forever and of course your memories.  Then with that list you can begin to decide where to invest your budget. 
Of course as an event designer I pay attention to how the event will look when it is photographed. When I suggest that an arrangement be placed in a particular place, it is because I know that it will add to the beauty of the photographs. I try to understand which items have special meaning for the bride so that the memories of the wedding day will be extra special. The desires of the groom are also important to me and I do my best to include them somewhere in my designs. My goal is to maximize your budget to create beautiful photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.   

Let’s email, Skype or meet in person to discuss your dreams and your budget so I can help you create the memories that will last a lifetime.
I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon.