Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Garden Wedding - Borgo di Tragliata

Pink florals As I mentioned in my last report about the Borgo, it is exceptionally beautiful. Last weekend I was there to design a wedding in the garden. I love the churches of Rome but as a designer the churches dictate how I begin the design process. Designing a wedding in the outdoors allows me to work with nature and what better place than the natural beauty surrounding the Borgo to create an outdoor wedding. This couple had many requests. The bride had a vision of what she wanted her garden wedding to look like and I had to turn her dreams into reality. Not always are dreams easy to realize. Actually what the bride wanted would have been very costly. In addition her ideas conflicted with the surroundings of the Borgo and specifically in the garden where her ceremony was to take place. The Bride wanted a constructed floral arch. She also wanted it to somehow be used to decorate the tables at the reception. Now that is a very tall order.

First I suggested that we do something more natural, using the elements of the garden to create the arch and not construct an arch. This also allowed one to see all of the surrounding greenery without obstructions. For this couple I added to large urns on columns filled with flowers. Normally I love to use lots of interesting greenery but on this occasion I did not use greenery at all. There was more than enough greenery already in the garden so I only added flowers. The final affect was elegant and beautiful. I encourage couples to reuse their ceremony flowers in some way to decorate the reception and this time it was a specific request from the couple. We used the flowers from the urns to fill vases to create the centerpieces for the reception. This allowed us to give a sense of Theme while saving money and above all respect for nature. For me and my staff this was a wonderful occasion. The designs were lovely, the bride radiant and the day was beautiful. Special thanks to the staff at the Borgo for their kindness and laughter.

So pleased,