Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Calla lily

Every time I meet with a lady who is planning her wedding and we go through photos of my designs of bridal bouquets questions are proposed when they see the group of Calla lily bouquets. Almost all of them never knew that Calla Lily are available in various sizes and colors.

Yellow Calla
Mango CallaLarge White Calla

Fuscia Calla Black Calla

Small White Call

Bridal Party Mix
Mixed color Calla

Calla Lily bouquets are long lasting and very light weight. They can range from the size of your thumb to larger than your fist. The smaller Calla fit nicely into a mixed bouquet while the larger Calla are wonderful in an over the arm design.

Why not consider a Calla bridal bouquet.

It’s designing season and I am getting a ton of new ideas.