Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Bridal Bouquet

Passion is like a fireplace. It requires care to maintain a roaring fire.
Floral Design is my Passion but in order to maintain this very passionate relationship I know that I need to literally do something to keep it going. This past weekend I attended a Floral Design demonstration about 90 miles away. It was wonderful to sit in a garden atmosphere and listen to our dutch Floral design master, Pieter Landman talk about the new tends in wedding design and then bring these concepts to life with fresh flowers and plants….Yes! I did say plants. He showed us such beautiful ways to use plants in our floral designs for weddings and other grand events. He taught us new techniques in using plants that will really create awe for event guests.

Driving home was a challenge . I was so excited about all that I had seen and just couldn’t get to my shop fast enough to try out these new techniques and offer them on a smaller scale to my customers and better yet, to some very fashion forward bride.

The life of a florist is so very exciting.

with tons of passion,