Monday, October 18, 2010

The Calla Lily

The Bride When I receive an email from a lady who is planning a destination wedding here in Rome, the first thing I do is create a file. From experience I know that working with a client long distance requires special attention. Normally I rely on my sixth sense during meetings to help me understand the expectations of a client but when you are receiving emails and that’s all you have to rely on, it’s important to file each and every email that tell you something about the future bride.

Bridesmaid Reviewing the emails that Elaine sent to me along with photos of designs that she liked I found a theme emerging before my eyes and brought it to her attention. She loves calla lilies!!! I suggested that she use the calla lily as her theme. We used 4 colors of Calla lily in the bouquets, buttonholes and the church decorations. We reused the flowers from the church to decorate the reception in order to maximize on the flower budget and reinforce the Calla Lily theme.

Church Entrance

Pew decorations

Alter Reception
Point of information, I have been able to count more than 30 different colors of Calla Lily. They come in sizes ranging from no bigger than your thumb to bigger than your fist. The options are limitless.

Special thanks to Elaine, Ian and their family for allowing me to publish these photos. I had a wonderful time working for them.

All the happiness in the world to them.